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How do I return my Item?

Do some meditation and develop a peaceful non-attachment to the item before calling or emailing our Super-Zen Customer Service.  They’ll handle all of this for you with zero stress. Yes - we’ll cover the return shipping for you. 

Customer Service: 888-622-0119

Email: support@zensquatch.com

How do I exchange my item?

Get up early, exercise and mindfully determine your intended item. Simply call or email our Super-Zen Customer Service and they’ll help make it happen. Yes - we’ll cover the return shipping for you. 

Customer Service: 888-622-0119

Email: support@zensquatch.com

How do I check my order status/track my order?

You will receive an email or text confirmation when we receive your order along with another email and tracking information once your order ships. If an email does not come through, then please check your spam/junk folder. Contact us if the message has not been delivered.

Customer Service: 888-622-0119

Email: support@zensquatch.com

Why didn’t I receive an order confirmation/shipping confirmation email?

Not getting what you want can sometimes be an amazing stroke of luck, but this may not be one of those moments. We suggest checking your spam/junk folder first, as those emails sometimes get filtered there. If you still don’t see your email confirmations, then send us an email at support@zensquatch.com with your name and order number or the date and specific item that was purchased. We’ll double check that we have the correct email on file and manually send your confirmation.

What is the secret to enlightenment?

There is no secret to enlightenment. It is not something you attain, but involves that which you let go of. We suggest that you start first with your local meditation center.

My coupon code didn’t work or I was charged a different price than I was initially shown?

Occasionally, Zensquatch will personally fulfill orders. He has massive, hairy fingers and inevitably presses the wrong button. Most of our coupons are for full-price items. If it was a full-price item, or if you were charged a different price than you were initially shown, then please reply to your receipt email and let us know what coupon code you were trying to use or what the pricing discrepancy was. We’ll take a look and do what we can to bring zen your way.

What is the purpose of life?

We cannot tell you for sure as that is something every individual must answer for themselves. We believe it involves overcoming personal challenges and continually evolving the self along that journey aka becoming the best version of yourself.

Why is there an extra $1 charge on my bank/credit card statement?

The $1 charge is a pre-authorization pending charge at the time of purchase to verify card validity. Depending on your bank, the $1 charge should disappear between 3-10 business days and should never be on your final statement.

My credit card won’t go through and keeps telling me AVS Rejected?

AVS stands for address verification service, which checks that the billing address you entered matches the address your credit card company has on file. If AVS is rejected, then the addresses do not match. If you are certain the correct address has been entered, then contact your credit card company to review the address they have on file.

How can I find the discipline needed to accomplish my goals?

This need not be a complex task. Simply find your inner Zensquatch. Evolution is within, noble friend.

How do I contact you regarding an online order/question?

Send an email to support@zensquatch.com and we will get back to you promptly. You can also call us during normal business hours at 888-622-0119.

What are your business hours?

The website is always open. Super-Zen Customer Service is open Monday – Friday from 9am to 4pm (CST).